Biosphere: Envelope of life

Intro:The concept of the Biosphere was first introduced in 1875 by "Eduard Suess".1831-1914.
He was a professor at vienna University in Australia.He also coined the the term "Biosphere".He considered his biosphere to be the "life saturated envelope" of the earth's crust.

The Biosphere consists of all the layers of the earth where life resides.
Biodiversity is divided into 3 levels:........
  • main level (ecosystem):consisting of general habitats such as rain & deciduous forests,oceans & coral reefs,pondsand lakes,valleys and mountains, & so forth.
  • middle level (species):consists of all the organisms that make up the ecosystem.
  • lower level:genetic.

  1. Symbiotic:relationship between 2 different organisms in close association with one another that may be beneficial to at least one of the organisms but does not cause harm to either.
  2. pedology:The scientific study of the origin, structure,classification, & use of soils.

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